See what is happening on your PC or device and fully control it without the need for a remote connection!

NEW! Version adds the option to monitor a Linux based device such as the Raspberry Pi.

Can be used within a virtual machine to provide a separate monitor for each of you virtual machines.

The USB Mobile Monitor allows you to replace the keyboard, mouse and computer screen of your PC or Linux system with a single device

USB Mobile Monitor

No need to plug and unplug cables, a single USB cable plugs-in to the front of the PC. Saves you from back-pain and dirtying yourself in dusty places.

It is light-weight, doesn't require a complex installation and doesn't take up much space in your PC, phone or tablet.

No network, internet or Wifi connection is required. Works with PCs that do not support Remote Desktop such as Windows Home versions or with PCs that do not have a network connection.

Use your mobile device as a secondary display or monitor with easy switching between multiple monitors. The Multi-touch emulation feature allows you to use the tablet as a true multi-touch device for you PC.

Why should I Use it?


The USB Mobile Monitor allows you to connect your Android mobile phone or tablet to your PC or other device with a simple USB Cable. All that is required is the download of the USB Mobile Monitor App on your device and the installation of the USB Mobile Monitor software on your PC or device (More information in the Usage section.) USB Mobile Monitor works for Desktops and Servers from Windows XP to Windows 10 and Server 2012. Starting with version, Linux drivers for Raspberry Pi and other Linux based systems have been added.

Version, published April 12, 2017. Improves the screen refresh rates by optimizing the amount of the data transferred from the PC to the device. Also adds the option to compress the data in PNG format in addition to JPeg in order to product crisper images on the tablet.

Windows 10 Drivers update April 2, 2017. In order to address changes in the Windows 10 32 and 64-bit operating systems including new driver signing restrictions from Microsoft, updated drivers are released.

Version, published February 28, 2015, now enables the user to monitor multiple displays or use the device as an extra monitor when only one physical monitor is available.

USB Mobile Monitor is currently available for all Android devices.